School beginnings

We have been slowly been beginning school around here. Still waiting for a big order for our curriculum to arrive so we have been improvising: math, spelling, reading/literature and finishing up some history from last year. This year we have joined a science co op that begins in a few […]


2015 trip 43

Committing to our family blog

The last time that I blogged, Oliver was ten months old. So many things have happened in the last 9 months, it’s mind blowing. It makes me so sad to think how diligent I was with the other there’s first years and not his own. I could blame it on […]



A lot happens in 6 months!

The last time that I posted, Oliver was 4 months old. Wow, that was six months ago! Honestly, the reason why I dont blog as frequently is because its been difficult to get pictures on a blog post. I get frustrated with how much time it then takes, and let’s […]

Oliver is 4 months old!

Goodness, the last time I posted, he was half his age! The last two months have gone so fast, my head is spinning and I can not keep up! I think Micah being back to work has a lot to do with that. Valentine’s Day happened.   Georgia turned 1 […]

Oliver is 2 months old!

      Slow down, Oliver! We don’t need to rush to grow up! Oliver Zion is 2 months old today! Not sure where the two months went. He is the sweetest and happiest baby. He blows raspberries and “talks” so much and even sings along with me. He plays with […]

8 weeks old and last week of sabbatical

This last week flew by so fast, I think my head is still spinnng! Yesterday, Micah went back to work after his sabbatical. How blessed to have that time together as a family. The timing couldn’t have been better. Looking forward to the fall when we get some more family […]

Another week older

7 weeks and as sweet as can be! and maybe a little spoiled.   He loves to be worn in the ergo or wrap still     Dont know what I wouldve done without this guy around since the baby was born. He is the best daddy and husband.   Love […]

This week’s happenings

Trying to soak in every second before Micah has to go back to work. This week has been pretty busy though. Micah has been putting in new flooring in the living room. Oliver approves.   Oliver smiles are the best. I have yet to get one of his light up […]